Bad Blood, Part I

“Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood. You know it used to be mad love, so take a look what you’ve done. Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood. HEY.”

You ready to get into the thick of this vent sesh denv.her. babes? You know I am!

Before we start, there is a moral to this story: If you’re ever going to push one of your best friends to cut you out, make sure that best friend doesn’t have record of all the sh*t talking you did about EVERYONE else.

Peggy, you’re on deck. Buckle up b*tch.

In December, I cut Peggy out. The dissolution of this friendship is still incredibly interesting to me, as well as to others. I actually get asked about the dissolution of this friendship the most. Why? Peggy was one of our best friends. My best friend, Dana, and I would have done anything for this girl.

I love the saying: “We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.” I was a bit behind the learning curve with Peggy; but she was indeed a lesson.

To give you some context, Peggy originally started hanging out with us due to some mutual guy friends (good call boys lol, *heavy on the sarcasm).

From the onset of Dana and I’s relationship with Peggy, we found it really odd that she really didn’t have any close girlfriends. Her friends from college seemingly cut her out, stopped talking to her, and stopped inviting her to their events. Dana and I didn’t understand this. Peggy was quickly becoming one of our best friends, so why did such a large group of people walk away from her? Peggy would always reference her old friends saying how much it upset her that they cut her off out of nowhere. We didn’t get it at the time and still don’t know specifics of that situation, BUT we certainly know the specifics of our situation. It’s safe to say, Peggy was most likely profusely smack talking her old friends like she was with us.

I’ve debated extensively whether I really wanted to write this vent sesh; but a couple weekends back, one of our mutual guy friends came to Dana and I and let us know that Peggy is going around saying she “really misses our friendship”…


Peggy, hearing that made me want to write this vent sesh because in my opnion, you are a joke. Nicki Minaj sums up our response to you “missing our friendship” perfectly:

“Don’t be tryna double back I already DESPISE you. All that fake love you showin’ couldn’t even disguise you.”

We were really good friends to you Peggy, and we DID love you (heavy emphasis on did lol), but you’ve dug your own grave; now lie in it.

EW!!! I actually really hate that GIF lol lol!! Clowns are the scariest…but then again so is Peggy.

So where did Peggy and I’s relationship go awry? I’ve mulled this over and I have come up with a couple of things:

1) Peggy sucks

2) Does Peggy meet the diagnostic criteria of a Histrionic? In my opinion, maybe.

3) There were several contributing factors that fueled tension in our relationship

Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Peggy sucks

Peggy has cheated on every boyfriend she has ever had (her and good ol’ Gertrude get along great these days lol; no surprise there. But Gert, did you know Peggy said she would never go to your surgeon because of your refund gap? Oops! I’m guessing I spilled the beans there!!).

More than just cheating, Peggy is very open about her…escapades. She will quickly tell anyone willing to listen she hooked up with one of her “good friends” boyfriends in the couple’s shared apartment in Fort Collins. She even turned a picture of this guy and his gf face down on the bedside table while she was seeing him…classy Peggy. Real classy.

If you ever encounter someone who openly talks about being “the other woman” (especially when the girlfriend is a “friend”), get away from that person asap. That’s a girl who has no loyal bone in her body.

During my Bachelorette party in Vegas, one of my bridesmaids got really upset and started threatening suicide. Peggy told a handful of my bridesmaids in the adjoining hotel room, that this girl “should just DO IT”.

That’s interesting Peggy, aren’t you guys good friends now? At least make one of your TWO faces pretty.

I think we all can agree that Peggy saying this is disturbing on all levels. Seriously, “she should just DO IT.”?? Who says something like that? BUT because she was our friend, we let her get away with it (bad call). Looking back, we should have called Peggy out then and there; but now will have to suffice. If you ever hear anyone say anything as alarming as this, please shut them down.

Peggy gripes and complains about her roommate every chance she gets. Paper towels gone? Roommate's fault, “she’s too stupid to buy paper towels”. Peggy wants to rent out the common area of their apartment complex for an event, roommate doesn’t help with the fee “because she’s too cheap to help with anything.” Roommate doesn’t help set up for the event, Peggy loses her mind. All we have to say about this is:

Hey Peggy, your roommate actually WORKS hard all day to make her OWN money. I think you can rent out a room and set it up considering you have no responsibilities besides a dog you neglect half the time.

Don’t ever let someone complain to you about their “friend” and or roommate being stupid and cheap. Peggy didn’t have to rent out this room OR set up, she actively decided she wanted to have this event. You don’t organize an event and then b*tch about every little minute detail. That's just being a horrible hostess! So sit down Peggy, you’ll get no sympathy here.

Peggy got really heated during the 2016 election. When she went to vote with one of my best friends, she was incessantly bashing another one of our friends (who I will always love lol, but that’s for a different vent sesh #meeps). So what did Peggy say about this friend ? Peggy said this girl was TOO STUPID to even have a political opinion and that she was probably TOO STUPID to vote.

I’m sorry Peggy, but remind me who is jobless and drinking on a Wednesday? Newsflash! It’s not the “friend” you were bashing.

There are so many red flags explored above that I chose to ignore; PLEASE learn from my mistake. If you know an individual who is speaking poorly about the people they run with, that’s someone to run from!  

To Be Continued.