Café Terracotta

We found ourselves at the coziest little Victorian house with excellent food and drink this past weekend; we found ourselves at Café Terracotta. This restaurant, to put it simply, is simply charming. You know you’re in for a special dining experience as soon as you walk through the little wrought iron gate, pass the beautiful cottage like landscaping and up the front porch into the dining room of this establishment.

Once you enter the dining room, you are greeted to warm exposed brick and soft lighting. This restaurant’s atmosphere is everything cozy and honest as there is an open kitchen environment, where you can see all the upscale dishes being prepared throughout your dining experience. The staff is as warm and inviting as the ambiance of this place, and general manager Aaron Foster was fabulously thoughtful and attentive throughout the entire evening making sure each guest was well taken care of and enjoying their meal.

We started this meal with a bottle of Presecco, you can never go wrong with some bubbly.

For starters, we ordered the Sweet Chili Buffalo Calamari with lemon remoulade and pickled ginger, the Cheese Plate with shredded duck, and per our server’s suggestion, we also ordered the Crispy Brussel Sprouts. Hungry yet?! These three apps were delightful. The brussel sprouts were our favorite and we LOVE when a server is able to speak up and recommend what is best on the menu! Big thanks to our server Monica for steering us in the right direction. The brussel sprouts were roasted to perfection and were covered in oregano infused balsamic vinegar, sopressata, and parmesan. Their flavoring was perfect and they are a must order at Café Terracotta. 

We were then onto our entrées. We chose a bottle Malbec to go along with our main courses as three of us decided to go with red meat for dinner. Café Terracotta’s dinner menu is creative and elegant as many of the entrées are entrées you have heard of before, but each has their own unique touch. We chose the Boulder Natural Chicken Wellington, the Grilled 1855 Beef Tenderloin, and Braised Harris Ranch Short Ribs.

Our favorite entrée of the evening was the Boulder Natural Chicken Wellington prepared with rosemary mushroom duxelle, chèvre cheese, and sautéed spinach. The chicken was cooked to PERFECTION in its light, flaky pastry with the chèvre cheese enveloping it in white golden goodness. This dish was DIVINE. My mouth is watering just thinking about it and we will certainly be ordering this dish upon our return!

The Grilled 1855 Beef Tenderloin and Braised Harris Ranch Short Ribs were also very tasty. The Grilled 1855 Beef Tenderloin was accompanied with panko crusted truffle mac & cheese, grilled broccolini, and herbed compound butter. Anything that mentions “truffle” on the menu, we will be 99% likely to order it lol. The truffle mac and cheese complemented the flavors of the beef tenderloin beautifully. The Braised Harris Ranch Short Ribs in a red wine reduction paired with baby carrots and whipped potatoes were tender and hearty.

After sampling all three of these main courses, it’s easy to say that Café Terracotta is committed to using high quality ingredients in each dish; they really care about the honesty of flavor coming out in each entrée.

Once we had licked our plates clean, the food coma began to set in. To wake ourselves up a bit, for dessert we went with Bailey’s Infused Cappuccinos (YUM). These babies woke us right back up and were delicious.

We cannot say enough about Café Terracotta and their staff. We will be back to this quaint hot spot again for another date night very soon!

Café Terracotta

5649 S Curtice St, Littleton, CO 80120

(303) 794-6054