Howl at the Moon

What’s that you hear? A wolf howling at the moon? NOPE. It’s Denv.Her. and friends scream singing (LOL LOL no joke) at the top of our lungs at the best piano bar in town!

If you have yet to go to Howl At The Moon, make plans to go ASAP. It has a great location in downtown Denver, right next to Fado’s Irish Bar and Coor’s Field. You will NOT be disappointed if you decide to make your night a Howl night.

We were graciously invited to take over Howl At The Moon by stellar Marketing Coordinator, Sam Parker, and she pulled out all the stops! We had a fabulous row of tables right on the dance floor adjacent to the band and were set up with two bottles of Tito’s. This was our first time ever having bottle service at Howl at the Moon and needless to say it was EPIC.

This is THE place to go for drinks, dancing, and most importantly a CONCERT. There is a large dance floor for breaking it down and a large stage for the band. There are multiple instrumentalists up on the stage playing pianos and guitars while some extremely skilled vocalists sing out your favorite tunes. & you guys, these musicians are TALENTED. Not only do they sing and play their instruments well, the musicians make it a point to interact with you on the stage and on the dance floor making it a shared experience between band and audience. They even let audience members get up on stage and dance! It’s really awesome to see Howl employee’s effort in making lasting connections with customers while ensuring everyone is having a blast.

The musicians have song request jars atop each piano so you can request whatever song your heart desires at the time. Some of our personal favorites are Shake it Off (duh, T-Swift 4 lyfe), Uptown Funk, and Juicy, YES, they rap; AND they do it well.

In order to take full advantage of the Howl experience, we definitely recommend reserving tables by the stage & getting bottle service. This way, you can be close to the action all night and don’t have to worry about continuously running back and forth from the dance floor to the bar for another drink. The wait staff is fun and friendly and always makes sure your bottle mixers are filled to the brim. They also frequently check in with the tables to make sure everyone has what they need.


Now, even if you get bottle service, do not, we repeat, DO NOT forget about Howl’s outrageous (and delicious) bucket drinks! That’s right. BUCKET drinks lol. These delightful 86 oz. concoctions come in a bucket with multiple crazy straws for sharing whatever boozey beverage you’ve selected! We highly recommend the bucket. But be careful! These babies are lethal. They are large, tasty, and easy to drink so pace yourself! It’s a marathon not a sprint, am I right?

So head on over to Howl at the Moon & let them know Denv.Her. sent you! You’ll be seeing us there (or better yet, hearing us there lol)! XOXO.

Howl at the Moon

1735 19th St, Denver, CO 80202

(303) 291-0880