Texts From Last Night. Installment 2.

Texts From Last Night, Installment 2 here! You ready for this? You know we are.

Let me preface these next texts for you.

We were at a party and ran into a guy who is friends with someone I decided to cut out of my life. Let’s call this individual Peggy. Peggy and I had been very close but to my dismay, it came to light that Peggy was saying some really nasty things not only about me, but my husband as well.

So can you blame me for parting ways with this individual? I certainly hope not.

Anyways back to the story. The guy we ran into texted Peggy and let her know I was at said party, thinking we were still close. Ruh roh! We’re not.

& here’s where things got interesting. As you can guess, Peggy didn’t respond too positively when she found out I was at this party. She actually kinda wigged out lol. The guy ended up giving me his phone so that I could take a look at what she texted:

Side note - this was prior to my revelation in recognizing how powerful not responding can be. So with his phone in hand, you guessed it lol, I responded. And oh boy was it good:

Yep, that’s me… with one of my best friends… blowing a kiss lol.

Now let’s dissect this!

A situation like this is messy because it’s hard to civilly part ways with someone you were once close to. Cutting a friend out is more or less like a breakup. & just like a breakup, when you decide that you no longer want someone in your life, not all of them go quietly. There’s always potential for backlash and some will take it upon themselves to passionately trash you on the way out. Peggy’s texts are a prime example of this.

Ahem, “She’s a psycho crazy awful human. If you see her run far far away. She’s evil”.  

K lol lol, we get it. We’re not getting brunch together anytime soon. Besides, I don’t think they make mimosas with hater-ade.

Oh Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. So is there a good way to handle this backlash? I’m actually not quite sure. I confronted it head on in this instance because I wanted it to be known that I knew what was being said. Moreover, I wanted it to be known I didn’t care.

Peggy freaked after I sent the picture of myself blowing a kiss and I don’t blame her. Peggy now knew I had seen her texts. It’s easy to say after seeing those texts, in my opinion, that I still have a strong hold on her. Rantings and ravings such as the texts above are not only embarrassing but incredibly transparent. Think about it; if someone is fervently trashing you to someone you don’t even know, there are some STRONG feelings there.

My advice to you is if you ever find yourself walking away from a friend and it’s not a mutual split, be mentally prepared for the backlash that can transpire. If you have the foresight to know an individual is going to be angry, it won’t be a surprise when the trash talk gets back to you. Stay mentally strong so the insults can roll off like water off a duck’s back.  Of course it can be hard when the person used to be a friend, BUT, you can guarantee if they weren’t talking bad about you, they’d still be talking bad about someone else.

I’ll leave you with the following quote:

“Stay away from ‘Still’ people. Still broke. Still complaining. Still hating. & Still nowhere”

Boom. Pay no heed to critics with no credentials.

Till next time!