Flamethrower, Part 1

Hello beautiful readers!

This past week, we had two friends visiting from out of town so a group of people from college got together to celebrate on Thursday. Who was included in this group of people from college? You guessed it; the people I’ve been discussing in this blog lol. & oh boy oh boy are they MAD.

Did their anger surprise me? Not in the least. I take full ownership of what I’ve written and I understand their frustration and why they may think that the blog is “mean”.  But my question to you, is it really mean?

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. My opinionated blog pieces are the result of an accumulation of wrongs that were directed towards me. So is it correct to interpret the blog and my opinions as “mean”?

At the end of the day, how my opinions are interpreted is really up to each individual. Everyone is going to take what I’m writing differently; that’s the beauty of personal perception. Some find this blog mean because it’s intense personal opinions on social media. Some find it as a source of comic relief. Some find it applicable to situations going on in their lives. I personally view it as karmic opinions in a public forum. 

Everyone is justified to have their own opinion, but when push comes to shove, if the blog makes you upset, why are you reading it?

One upset individual I’ve written about, targeted me with the following quote after the get together on Thursday:

“Don’t set me on fire then act like you’re the one burning.”

All I can say to that is, don’t try to burn me with a match when I have a flamethrower.

My opinions are spicier than yours anyways.

Back to the get together.

As it is with this group of people, the booze was flowing heavily at the party. My best friends unfortunately had to leave early and that’s when shit hit the fan. Fortunately, I had the foresight to know this was going to happen and stopped drinking as soon as my friends left. I know my past friends well enough to know their inability to control their emotions and their drink limit.

Let the verbal attacks begin! Not only was I involved this time around, these girls found it fit to discuss me directly to my husband lol. One of the girls, let’s call her Gertrude, went up to my husband, hammered, and relayed the following:

“Ross you are such an amazing guy, I can’t believe you would lower yourself to Alisha’s standards.”

Gertrude sadly doesn’t understand the basics of a strong relationship. Going up to my husband and talking trash about me only strengthens his disdain for you.
For those of you that know Ross and I well, we are rock solid. He is my king. I’m his queen. That’s how every relationship should be. When you find your person, your lobster, do NOT let them go.
Gertrude single-handedly destroyed the relationship with the love of her life in college due to her rampant cheating. In my opinion, any current or future relationship she has will be but a shell of what she had before… & I don’t feel bad for her. Her excessive cheating has carried over to her most recent relationship (surprise surprise), where infidelity is not only on her end, but his as well.

So while Gertrude is berating my husband about me, her current boyfriend is going around saying how annoying and wasted she is. This is a prime example of getting what you give: “you can’t litter negativity everywhere you go and wonder why you have a trashy life.”