One Scary Lady.

After concluding the saga of “Wedding Woes: Will you not be my Bridesmaid?” last week (if you missed those installments, go take a quick read!), I’ve been asked the following question about what happened several times:
“Why did none of your girlfriends stand up for you?”

It is a good question. A relevant one at that as I was asked that same question multiple times when we returned from Vegas. Throughout all the drama, my close girls we’re right there supporting me behind the scenes. They didn’t directly engage in what was going on as to mitigate the threat of even more drama. & I don’t blame them lol; who wants to get involved when it’s whackadoo time?
On the other hand, my close girlfriends also know me really well and my personality doesn’t require the help of others in the first place. So the best answer I’ve found to this recurring question? “Why did none of your girlfriends stand up for you?”
Well let me answer that; because I am one scary lady.

But seriously lol; I’m one of those people that has really thick skin. I stand up for myself when needed and I do it well. Sometimes too well. Do I have a problem with this? No, not at all. I’d much rather be the individual that can get verbally attacked and nothing permeates than the one who ends up crying in the corner.
There are definitely downfalls to being resilient and those of you with similar characteristics can relate. I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that caught my eye on this topic:
“The hardest part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re ok.”

Let that one sink in.
Gals and guys who are like this, know what I’m talking about. Having a tough exterior will lead those around you to assume you’re ALWAYS alright; even when you’re not. Nobody asked if I was ok after Vegas; but did they need to? My exterior gave no indication I wasn’t so why would they?
It’s essentially like walking around and  deep down, inside your shoe, your sock is sliding off. You know something is very very wrong lol but nobody around you does.

After putting my fingers to the keyboard and verbalizing what drama transpired with all my bridesmaids, it was honestly disturbing. I was finally registering how many unfortunate instances there were and how inappropriate a select few behaved. When it was all happening, it almost didn’t register 1) because there were so many other wedding plans to focus on and 2) that tough exterior. Now looking back at it; that sucked guys!!! Like god did that suck lol & I’m happy to say I’ll never put up with any of that again.

So I urge you, do you have a friend with a tough exterior? Seek their feelings out! No, it doesn’t have to get all emotional lol, but a simple “Are you ok?” can go so much further than you would ever know. Or are you that individual with a tough exterior? Don’t sit on bad feelings without even realizing they’re there! Verbalize what you’re going through with your friends! They can’t help what they don’t know.
Till next time!