Christmas Tidings Lapis Faux Fur

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We are so, so, so excited to have met our stretch goal for 2017 and couldn’t have done in without you all!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Moving on to the holidays, Christmas is in 4 days people. 4 days!! This is not a drill!

Like yay I LOVE Christmas the most, but it snuck up SO quick this year. I did ALL of my Christmas shopping this week per usual lol. Each year I tell myself I’m going to get my shopping done early and not have to stress about it, yet every year, like clockwork, you can find me  panic shopping in the mall a couple days before Christmas #oopsies!

As long as everyone gets their gifts and are happy, does it really matter when you purchase said gift -1 month before or 1 day before lol? Better late than never!

Where to wear this look? A formal Christmas party or a formal Christmas dinner


This long sleeved, green, deep v twist dress is from Forever 21 and was only $40 (Forever 21 coming in hot with the deals)! This dress is super light-weight making it ideal to pair with a faux fur jacket! This faux fur jacket is one of my favorites and is Lapis. This Lapis jacket I got three years back, but don’t fret just yet about how long ago I got this piece - you can still find this jacket on Poshmark (seriously what would we do without Poshmark?)!


I found this exact coat on Poshmark for $22 (find link at the bottom of this post)! $22!!! Fur jackets are trending this season and this one is so unique - with its puff fur pattern and furry bloom sleeves, be prepared for a lot of compliments when wearing this piece. It’s always fun to find a jacket like this that stands out from the standard trend. This jacket is an example of remaining on trend but still making a statement different from the masses!


For dainty details we chose a green and gold choker from Bebe. If we ever need a true statement piece of jewelry, Bebe is always one of the first places we check out. They always have really interesting and unique pieces!


This Let’s Party Glitter Clutch is from Charming Charlie. Originally $35, this purse is on sale for $25.99! It’s perfect for the holidays and adds the perfect touch of sparkle to this outfit.


We were a bit rushed when taking pics of this ensemble and totally forgot to showcase the dress without the jacket or show the shoes #FAIL! But we paired this dress with brown heels to match the brown faux fur. They looked good, promise lol. Any brown heel comparable to the brown of the jacket will look great with this look if you're going to recreate it!

Merry Christmas my denv.her. bbs!!

See below for product links and happy shopping!