Happy Socks, Make Your World More Colorful

You guys - my sister and I are OBSESSED with Happy Socks - so when they reached out to denv.her. to collab, you can only guess how excited we were!

Happy Socks was established by two friends back in 2008. These two friends, Viktor Tell & Mikael Söderlindh, wanted to turn an everyday essential, socks, into a high quality fun fashion statement. Fast forward 10 years & Happy Socks is now sold on every continent (talk about a global sock takeover)! 


Happy Socks make for THE stocking stuffer for Christmas. Happy Socks' socks are unisex so can be worn by everyone and anyone. These socks will bring color & creativity to your feet! There are a huge number of Happy Socks styles & patterns to choose from as well as limited edition collections. These limited edition styles include collections by Steve Aoki, Megan Massacre, & The Beatles! You’ll want to get these funky limited edition collections before they’re gone. Who doesn’t want Yellow Submarines on their feet?!


It’s boot season ladies and gentleman. We’re all wearing socks. & while we’re wearing socks, why not make them outrageously fun?  Why settle for boring neutral colors when you can have stripes, polka dots, or pretzels dancing on your toes?! But in all seriousness I have my Happy Socks pretzel socks on right now! #goals #didIjustgoalsmyself? #suredid #movingrightalong


You can get your own pair of pretzel socks in Happy Sock’s Holiday Socks Gift Box. This box offers three pairs of adorable, festive, seasonal favorites making the perfect gift for that fashionista or fashionisto in your life. You can get the holiday box for only $36 and your feet will be jolly all year round!

Thank you so much to Happy Socks for collaborating with us & permanently making our sock drawer fashionable, colorful, & wonderful! Happy Shopping!