Burgundy Lace Dress

The night before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Eve if you will, America heads to the bars in droves. Data actually shows that Thanksgiving Eve is the BIGGEST drinking night out of the entire year. They legit call this day “Blackout Wednesday” lol. Supposedly these record setting drinking numbers come from the fact that most everyone is off work on Thanksgiving so can get V rowdy the night prior. Also, most everyone is in their hometowns on Blackout Wednesday so it’s a great time to meet up with old friends and grab some drinks!

Where to wear this look? This burgundy lace dress is perfect to sport out on Blackout Wednesday. It’s bound to make all your ex high school boyfriends do a double take. #gobbletillyouwobble


This dress is from Forever 21 and we loved it so much we actually got it in black too! At an amazing price of $58, getting both colors was more or less mandatory.


People ask me all the time how I can stand Forever 21 when it’s SO hard to find anything in the store. In all honesty, that store gives me the worst anxiety and I’ll avoid actually going into it at all costs! The trick is to do your F21 shopping online. This way you can avoid the mess, the crowds, & keep your blood pressure at a normal level lol. Their store is a disaster zone.

This Leather Quilted Moto Jacket is from Express and comes in 5 different colors. Normally selling for $148, this jacket is on sale for $88.80.  These brown booties are also from Express and are great for the colder months (aka boot months). They can be paired with several different styled outfits and the tall heel makes them easily pair with dressier looks (this dress as an example!).


For dainty details we chose these gold chandelier earrings from Charming Charlie. Statement Earrings like this run around $20 from CC. For sunglasses, these are the Metal Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses from Nordstrom that we have featured previously! Only $12 whoop whoop!