The Wheels on the Bus, Part III

So Bertha and her friend are in hysterics and bawling as more and more people get on the party bus.

I’m not a crier. Why? Because I’m not a baby back betch. But seriously we’re in our mid 20’s! Why are you crying?!

Regardless, let me tell you something readers, the one who cries in situations like this, will ALWAYS be labeled as the victim (no matter who started it).

When everyone got on the bus and there were two crying psychos needing consolation in the back, who was the big bad wolf? None other than me, myself, and I.

Everyone saw Bertha crying & that was that. Nobody wanted an explanation. She was crying and I was not; therefore, she was hurt and I was not.

One of the few individuals who saw the entire situation unfold asked me, “Shouldn’t you be crying?” I looked at him and shrugged. Should I have been crying? Probs; but once again, I’m not a baby back betch.

When we got back into downtown Denver, my friends and I split off from the party bus group as quickly as possible.

The next day, I reached out to Clara and I was met with total opposition. She didn’t want to talk to me. Bertha was her best friend and I had caused her a total emotional breakdown on the bus (what, like it’s hard?).

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back of Clara and I’s 6 year friendship. Was I responsible for the demise of this friendship? Absolutely. Did I care at this point? Nope. It was painfully evident that Clara didn’t care about me or my feelings when it came to Bertha. Why would I try to salvage a friendship with someone who had no desire to hear me out or defend me? That would have been stupid; so I let this relationship go. 

Not only was I met with hostility from Clara’s end, I also received the following message from Bertha’s sister (let’s call her Tina) making this a full-fledged family affair:


Lol. K.

The one time I met Tina, we talked about how her sister was unstable and SHE AGREED. This led me to guess that Tina had some mental wherewithal about her sister; this message proved otherwise.

I have one thing to say to you Tina:

Now, if I was Bertha’s family member, I would get her help. I wouldn’t perpetuate her issues by reaching out to people who allegedly “attacked her with words”. Why? Because if Bertha was my sister, I’d know she was a liar. It’s blatantly obvious Tina didn’t get the full story here or she wouldn’t have messaged me at all. Then again, if crazy runs in this family, maybe she would have.

“to push and pick at someone that you know has struggled is one of the most ungodly things I have heard of.”

Tina….come on lol. Your sister got broken up with. She didn’t lose a limb. Nobody died. Her physical health isn’t in question. She’s a girl going through a breakup (which happened over a year ago at this point, two years ago today and she’s still not over it) and to categorize that as “struggling” is SUCH an exaggeration. All you’re doing is enabling Bertha’s crazy BS.

Good job.

I also love when people try to throw religion in someone’s face when they themselves are being mean. Newsflash Tina, calling someone ungodly isn’t the most godly thing to do; but I’ll make sure to tune into your next Sunday School session! Maybe do a rundown on the following verse for Bertha, Gert, & Peggy?!

“The Lord detests lying lips but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” – Proverbs 12:22

#Khaleesiismyspiritanimal .

“i have absolutely no idea what your friends and husband see in you”

Tina, I have friends and a husband because I am a rational individual. In my opinion, Bertha can’t keep or get a boyfriend because she’s a nut job with no accountability for her insane behavior.

But thank you for your insight! I’ll pass it along to my husband because I know he cares about your opinion just as much as I do!

So did I respond to Tina’s message?


I already had one psycho in this family causing me grief and I certainly didn’t need another one.

Was there an outcome to Tina’s message?


Are you going to want to hear about it?

Tina’s message was the last time I would EVER allow someone to say that Bertha was “struggling” without a factual comeback. I was going close this case once and for all & I wanted to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

AKA - I was going straight to Bertha’s ex-boyfriend for an explanation.

To Be Continued.