Daily Harvest

OK denv.her. babes.

So you know that smoothie place you love that’s about a 15 minute drive away? You really want a smoothie so you make that 15 min drive. Then at the smoothie place, you have to stand and make small talk with the hipster barista named Rainbow for 6 minutes while she makes that delicious smoothie you want so bad. Yes Rainbow, I know you really like to talk about your cats. But I don’t even really like cats…

I like smoothies.

Or you know those tantalizing smoothies you see on Instagram or Pinterest that have you drooling on your phone or laptop? They’re so close yet so far away (dramatic longing for smoothies music).

What if we told you, that you no longer have to wait and pine over these smoothies? What if we told you, you could get the delicious smoothies you’re craving DELIVERED right to your door? You want a smoothie without the hassle? So do we!

Let us introduce, Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest is a superfood delivery company that prepares and then sends pre-portioned superfood cups, ready to be enjoyed in seconds, straight to your door.


Daily Harvest was founded by New Yorker and #girlboss Rachel Drori who was in search of a better solution to healthy alternatives that didn’t involve grocery store trips and arduous meal prep. Daily Harvest uses high quality, organic ingredients that are pre-prepared and then flash frozen in individual cups. You can choose from Smoothies, Overnight Oats, Chia Parfaits, Soups, & Sundae cups.

All you have to do is add your base of choice (water, juice, almond milk, etc.)to your Daily Harvest cup, dump all the ingredients into a blender, blend to desired consistency, pour into a cup or bowl and enjoy!

Daily Harvest’s recipes are curated to perfection with superfood ingredients. The flash freezing method Daily Harvest utilizes brings you fresher ingredients than you will find at your local grocery store. The fruits and veggies in Daily Harvest products actually retain nutrition better than the produce you find in the grocery store due to the flash freezing method. Sorry Whole Foods; Daily Harvest has this on lock!

Daily Harvest offers many different flavors of their products and you can switch it up with each order to find your favorites! Our favorites so far? We love the Strawberry + Peach Smoothie and the Mulberry + Dragonfruit Overnight Oats. #YAS & #YUM.


There are two plans you can choose from when setting up your Daily Harvest deliveries - Weekly or Monthly. The more cups you have in your order, the more you will save so we definitely recommend stocking up!

You can always count on denv.her. to ensure you are getting a great deal on the products we love. Right now, you can get 3 Daily Harvest cups for FREE with your first Daily Harvest order by using the promo code denvher at checkout!

Say goodbye to the grocery store and say hello to Daily Harvest; eating healthy has never been so easy!

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Enjoy! xoxo

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