The Wheels on the Bus, Part II

Where were we?

Ah that’s right! Bertha had just started screaming...

(real life footage lol)


So as this melt down is occurring, I head back to my seat but the bus DJ continues her manic tantrum:


In a situation like this readers, it’s SO hard to keep your cool. When someone who you have seen act SO irrationally on SO many different occasions, is screaming at you over POTENTIALLY CHANGING THE MUSIC on a party bus, what on earth is the best course of action??

Would you sit down? Be humble (sorry had to)? Would you fight back? Is there actually a reasonable thing to do in such an unreasonable situation?

F**k if I know. But in that moment when Bertha threw “SIT THE F**K DOWN” out, I saw red.

This was my breaking point. I was going to fight back. & you better believe, I hit the below the belt.

#truedat lol.

I was screamed at in Vegas at my Bachelorette party and did nothing. I wasn’t going to do nothing again.

Al Capone said it best:

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me” 

& you guys, I was so done with this girl.

I was done with her lying. I was done with her victim act. I was done with everyone making excuses for her psychotic behavior. I was just done.

This was the final straw. Bertha was getting a wakeup call, & I was more than happy to give it to her.

After getting cussed at, I sat down. I looked the rabid bus DJ right in the face:

“Why don’t you go cry, and call your mommy?”

Bertha’s face turned bright red (or maybe that was the lipstick all over her face lol) and she looked at me stunned.

Anyways, I said it again,

“Why don’t you go CRYand call your mommy?”

Now, let me shed some light on this statement for you.

In my opinion, Bertha has a crying problem.

She legit would go out on the weekends, be 2-3 hours into the night, start crying, occasionally start threatening self-harm, and then call her mom to pick her up.

The first time this happened, I was shell-shocked. I was worried about my friend. Did she need help? Would she be ok? But when these episodes kept occurring, the red flags started going up in my mind.

Why did Bertha keep behaving this way? Was she actually troubled? Or did she just want attention?

When I found out Bertha had shamed Clara for not asking if she was ok after one of these episodes, the attention theory started to ring true.

The last time I heard about one of Bertha’s reoccurring episodes, it was Halloween. Bertha started crying, started making threatening statements, and then called her mom to pick her up from Clara’s house. The next day, Clara asked how Bertha was. Bertha’s response?


Seriously Bertha???? 

You respond with “Fine.”?????!

So let me get this straight.

You want your friend to check in on you, but when she does, you’re going to act all coy about it & respond with “Fine.”???????!??????!????!


Clara recently told me Bertha has been pulling this sh*t since high school. This solidifies in my mind that this entire act is for attention.

Regardless, was my statement “Why don’t you go cry, and call your mommy?”, nice for me to throw in Bertha’s face? Absolutely not; it was downright cruel if anything.

But I don't like getting cussed at.

The yelling and cussing continued on Bertha’s end and I just kept repeating “Why don’t you go and cry and call your mommy?”

The screaming finally subsided after 2 minutes while more people filed on the bus. Then, Bertha & the rando found it fit to sit down, and get this, START CRYING.

To Be Continued.