Wedding Woes: Will you not be my Bridesmaid? Part 1

Like most every little girl, I had been dreaming about my wedding for ages (even more so since Pinterest was created in 2010 lol). I got married in October and it was hands down the best day of my life. It was THE fairy tale wedding I had always dreamed of (and pinned) & what’s more, I got the man I had always dreamed of too. Although the wedding was ultimate perfection, from the day I got engaged to the actual wedding day; OH BOY was there drama.
So you get engaged, WHOOP WHOOP! Happy, happy, joy, joy now let’s start the planning! Out of the one million things that need to be planned, scheduled, purchased, and rented, one of the main questions to get addressed right off the bat is: who do you want to surround yourself with on one of the most important days of your life? That’s right, it’s time for Bridesmaid and Groomsmen choices. Buckle up because you’re in for a wild ride. & just pray your significant other doesn’t want a million groomsmen. My husband originally wanted 12, shout-out to my husband’s friends for being the best, but I was able to negotiate him down to 8. Thank gosh lol;12 is more or less a small village. Now brides brace yourselves for what’s coming next; deciding who your bridesmaids will be…and dealing with them after lol.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think so much drama would come out of picking bridesmaids & let me tell you something; if you decide to not have someone in your wedding and they get mad at you, that is a second-rate move. Your wedding is supposed to be about YOU. If a friend can’t see the larger picture and recognize that, don’t let them get you down; pick a gal pal who has your back.
When I originally started discussing bridesmaids with one of my friends, all of the sudden, demands were being made. “I can’t explain it. But I just don’t want to be standing up in your wedding if she is”… ok lol.

I knew I was still figuring out how all this wedding stuff worked but I had this weird notion that the bride chose her bridesmaids. Everyone will have an opinion about wedding choices you make, but when it comes to your bridesmaids, stay true to who you want to be standing there with you on your wedding day. If two of them don’t get along, they should be able to put aside their differences and rally together to support you.
Certainly be prepared for the ghosts of girlfriends past to re-appear once that engagement goes public. These are girls whom you were close to previously, but for whatever reason, have drifted apart. Once your engagement news spreads, they will pop back into your life faster than Ricky Bobby. If you make the decision to ask more recent friends to be your bridesmaids, just be mentally prepared for the fall out. My advice is to handle that fall out as gracefully as possible. It is really hard seeing these old friends upset but the fact of the matter is, not everyone gets to be in a wedding & it’s impossible to please everyone. You’re not Peanut Butter.
When I had finally chosen all of my girls, the day came to pick out my wedding dress. I wanted this day to be really special for everyone involved and decided to get a limo after dress shopping to take us all downtown. After all, if you’re going to sit there and watch me try on dresses for two hours, it’s the least I can do to throw you in a nice vehicle and get you drunk.

One of my bridesmaids texted me that morning of dress shopping and didn’t want to come to the bridal store. “The store is out of my way and I don’t want to leave my car there. Can you pick me up on your way downtown?.” …ya no lol. Normal request? Probably not. When someone gets you a limo for the day, you meet them at the pickup place and say thank you. Why? Because limo’s are f**king expensive. This gal did end up meeting us at the store… because I refused to pick her up lol.
THEN came the Bachelorette party.

Now despite a couple utterly bizarre bridesmaid breakdowns, Vegas was epic per usual. Of course I’ll still lay these breakdowns out on the table; that’s what I’m here for! & I’m guessing that’s why you’re reading.
The first incident came the first night we were out at dinner. We were all at Tao and I wanted to make a toast. Here I was surrounded by my best friends and I was SO thankful all of them had made the trip to celebrate with me. I raised my glass and asked, “Ladies can I make a toast?!!!” eagerly looking around at my friends. A voice snaps back from across the table, “HOLD ON. I’m getting a ton of snaps on snap chat.”

…………alrighty lol lol. 5 minutes later when the snaps slowed down, I was able to make my toast. Patience is a virtue! You take from that what you will, but if there was a tackiest bridesmaid award, it would have been handed out right at that table. Bride’s toast or snap chat? Snap chat, you win this round.